Friday, 01 October 2010 06:53

Spring Carnival

Written by  Sharon Lenton

Over the Spring carnival life has been so incredibly chaotic and I apologise for not being able to keep my site updated.

I am so proud to say that Katie Helen Brand (a fabulous lady) who has entered most fashions on the field over Spring had purchased her millinery by Sharon Lenton Events. Katie was a finalised at nearly every event and I must say, most photographed woman over the carnival appearing in every Sunday paper and being interviewed on Channel 7. While new to the circuit, it wont be long before Katie takes out a title. Go Katie!!!

I have hooked another new candidate to the fashions on the field circuit. My niece who joined me in Melbourne for the 2nd time (first was her 18th birthday present 2 years ago - and has tried every year since to get back) finally took my fashion advice. Tatum looked absolutely stunning on Melbourne Cup day and was asked to be photographed by Moet & Chandon for promotional purposes at the Melbourne Cup breakfast, followed by a photo shoot with Nova FM. Tatum has now informed me she would like to be involved in Fashions on the Field. Oh dear!!!

Spring Carnival - TO BE CONTINUED

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